Installed new Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173A now DVDs will not play



Not only will they not play, if I try to play them- with either InterVideo or Powerdvd- they restart my bloody computer!

The drive works- I installed the drivers for my new video card and floppy drive from it, and played a good two hours of video gaming via it. I also installed the Chronicles of Riddick- 5 BLOODY CDS WORTH OF INFO- without it complaining once.

It’s just Dvds that this glorious DVD player/recorder chokes on.
Say What?
Commercial DVDs or Dvd-r make no difference. Reinstalling my software makes no difference.

Plus, the drive that was in there before had no problem playing any of them. - It was only a CDRW / DVDRom drive tho, so it had to go-
-WinXP Pro SP2= OS

See my many other posts of confusion elsewhere to find outwhat I’m going through NOT to punt this bloody thing through a plateglass window!

Pleeze halp.


I am not a fan of newer NEC drives, but I feel your pain. Is the cable 80 Wire? Are the jumpers correct? Can you try to use a different Molex connection? It sounds like a bad drive as the CD lasers are different from the DVD lasers, but rebooting just sounds plain weird. Possibly get the drive on its own cable? see what happens then.

  1. Had no choice: computer maker screwed up by sending cdrw so I had to take the best they had to offer as far a dvdrw went- this is it.
  2. Had professional install it so warranty wasn’t voided. Also, cos I know very little concerning the physical innards of a computer, know only basics of virtual innards.

So thanks for quick response, but all I can tell you is that it just slid in and the cable was there to be attached.
And the power cord.


Also an Idea, in explorer it shows up as a “DVD-Ram” drive. Do I need to mess with the firmware?


I can: see the proper name of the dvd in explorer, copy files off dvds to hard drive, explore dvd, etc. I just cannot run it.


What will you run there?


No, this is completely normal. Many newer RAM capable drives shows as “DVD-RAM Drive” in Explorer/My Computer.

As you

…see the proper name of the dvd in explorer, copy files off dvds to hard drive, explore dvd, etc
it seems to me that you don’t have any hardware problem as the drive is handling the DVD just fine. It seems to me it’s a software problem…“run” a DVD I suppose means playing the movie on the DVD - what software do you use ?


I found out the problem last night about 2 am.
I had reinstalled both PowerDVD and Intervideo after the hardware replacement, but both seemed to have ‘forgotten’ to uninstall certain dlls.
When I went folder by folder trhough My Computer to find anything that had reference to either, and deleted all I found on my next boot, THEN reinstalled the programs, I was up and running.
At 2 am. it took me a few minutes to understand why THIS had worked.
Could it be that those tiny innocent looking files were somehow making the programs look for hardware that wasn’t there and thereby killing the computer when they couldn’t find it?


Thanks for the update. Glad all is now well.