Installed Mobile Rack on 5045

I searched this forum for a thread on how to do this I read a year ago.==can’t find it now, so I post here.

Anyhoo, for ease of use, it is nice to remove the harddrive from the 5045 and connect it to the computer and transfer the files from the liteon to the computer. Must use an ide connection and it takes about 80minutes to transfer a full drive.

I don’t like plugging and unplugging the data cable==one bad pin and who knows what would happen? So, I installed a mobile rack on computer and on the liteon and now I have a 160GB floppy disk.

Works just like you think it should===just remember:

  2. Computer may have to be restarted as the equipment change can hang it up for one start cycle.
  3. Liteon files can be “moved” not just copied. When moved, the liteon will show the file names but thumbnail will be dark and of course won’t play because they aren’t there!!
  4. Once liteon is on computer, that drive can be explored and manipulated just like any other drive.
  5. Again, Liteon would not be read via usb cable==had to connect it to an ide cable==which is just fine when using it in a mobile rack. Rack is set to Master Position on ide cable while the drive itself is jumped to Cable Select.

I recommend this to “everyone” with a 5045===saves alot of work if you burn dvd’s. === ///bobbo.

Sorry—no pictures but right now mod is not complete==parts just hooked up and working.