Installed Lite-On on old E-Machine-no video

Just installed a Lite-On Combo on my old E-Machine. When I play a cd it is ok. When I attempt to play a dvd I only get the audio and a “skin” . I am using the Power DVD6 software, but when I try to use Windows Media or RealPlayer the result is the same. Have I got a software switch thrown the wrong way or do I have a limitation in my processor speed (400mhz+).

Moved this thread to the Lite-On forum as the Lite-On DVD Recorder forum is for standalone Lite-On set-top DVD recorders, like those for recording TV broadcasts, etc. :wink:

Jingleheimer, welcome @CDF!

from your description, there seems to be an issue with your system, not with the drive. Maybe a driver (VGA) or DirectX issue. Install latest driver for your VGA card and latest DirectX from Microsoft.
Check, if you can disable DirectX hardware acceleration in your player software. You may also tryMediaplayer Classic or Videolan