Installed Liggy's beta 2, but Nero driveSpeed says max is 6x



Greetings oh you masters of the optical media :bow:

I have succesfully flashed my ND3520A to liggy’s 1.24 beta2, this is supposed to remove the riplock…but when i check in NeroDriveSpeed…first it says that the drive readspeed for DVD is 16x max…then in options when I click on detect, it changes max. read speed to 6x…Is this normal? Or do I have to reflash the drive?


don’t use drivespeed unless you want to rip something very slow.Don’t run it.To be sure,open up drivespeed and click on the fast tab and see if it sets at 16x.After that get rid of it(exit the app).Now rip a movie for and see what you get.


Thanks…I’ll try it and be back with results…


okee dokee


Please direct question about this firmware in the appropriate thread here