Installed Firmware version?

How do you find the exact Firmware version installed on your 5005? Is it a combination of keys while in setup mode on exit?

Press setup and look at your serial number. If it is in the following format:


The “bolded” group is your FW number. So for example. When I first purchased my machine it was:
0102-1140-0085-F2SC (100-010B)

After updating to FW 1098 ES3 file it changed to:
0102-1140-0098-F2SC (103-010B)

After updating to FW 1098 ES5 file and hacking to disable MV and enable 3 Hr. mode it changed again to:
0102-1140-0098-F2SC (115-0108)

Excellent, thanks for the quick reply.

How does one hack away the MV and enable 3 hr record?

Do a search for ILOHacker. This program can do it for you, but there have been some concerns about copatibility with all models. The FW can also be hacked manually using a hex editor, but you need to know exactly what you are doing.