Installed DVD+RW drive and now old DVD-ROM drive no longer recognized (?!)

I installed a new LiteOn DVD+RW drive (LDW-401s) on my PC, and now my BIOS doesn’t detect my old DVD-ROM drive (Pioneer 116). I ripped out my old CD-RW drive and replaced it with the new DVD+RW drive and just left my old DVD-ROM where it was, so I am baffeled why my PC no longer sees it.

I am thinking it may have to do with Master/Slave settings and the ribbon cable. Originally my PC was configured (on the Secondary) with CD-RW to MASTER and DVD-ROM to SLAVE, with the jumpers both set to CS and the designation by the ribbon cable.

When I installed the new DVD+RW drive I left everything the way it was and put the new drive in jumped to CS. When I saw this problem, I re-jumped the DVD+RW to MASTER and the DVD-ROM to SLAVE, but still no change. I read somewhere that there are 2 kinds of ribbon cables, one “normal” type, and then a special CS one. I am thinking to put in a new ribbon cable and see if that changes anything. If not, then I’m really puzzled what it could be.

Any comments or shared experience welcome!

Cable most likely.
Make sure the blue socket is attached to the motherboard and not the other way round

Some DVD-ROM drives have been known to cause conflicts with burners. Using a good quality ATA100/133 cable is certainly a good idea.

i put in a new IDE cable (yes, blue end attached to motherboard) and i got errors regarding “ElbyCheck detected corrupt Filter Driver…” and then my PC detected no Optical drives at all (!!).

so i replaced my old IDE cable and now at least i have my DVD+RW drive working and the old DVD-ROM just taking up space. is there any way i can “force” my system to recognize this old DVD-ROM drive? in BIOS i have it set to “auto detect” now, but i saw i can choose “CD-ROM” drive. what if i did that?

also, how exactly does Win XP interact with optical drives? when i bought this new DVD+RW drive, there was no driver to install, so i assume WinXP reads some info from the drives firmware (which i did update to ES0G). i checked the driver in the Hardware Profile and it says it’s a Windows driver 5.1.2535.0. i guess this is some default driver Windows makes for optical drives?

if all else fails and the LDW-401s refuses to “play well with others” then i just may remove my old DVD-ROM drive since i don’t really need it now anyway (altho it would be nice to have 2 DVD drives set to read different Region Codes).

once again, any comments or feedback is welcome…thanks…

You can set the DVD’s to no region code if you want.

Originally posted by jaakaru
i put in a new IDE cable (yes, blue end attached to motherboard) and i got errors regarding “ElbyCheck detected corrupt Filter Driver…” and then my PC detected no Optical drives at all (!!).

Read this, starting with section S11.5:

The topic is in general about InCD, but section S11.5 has some information that may be applicable to your problem.


thanks for the replies. there was some good info on the link above. i think you’re right that the “key” to this problem (pun intended :wink: lies in the: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

i took a snapshot (see attachment). i uninstalled a bunch of DVD apps i wasn’t using and it seemd to clean up the filters a bit. now i have only 1 item in the filters. i will try deleting the filters alltogether and see what happens.

actually, my PC is a bit of a mess right now, so i was planning to format the HDD re-install the OS anyway.

in the mean time, any more comments are welcome, and once i reslove this mess i’ll let you know how i did it (…or IF i did it…)

PS-region code: i use “Remote Selector” to bypass region coding right now, but i would like to have the drive itsself region free. how is that done? you have to flash it somehow?

i thought if i formatted my Hard Drive and re-installed WinXP i’d be “cleaning things up”, but instead it seemd to created only more of a mess. i couldn’t re-install WinXP properly for some reason (error installing, blue screens everywhere). i figured it may be some HW conflict, so i pulled out all PCI cards (except video card) and re-set the BIOS, but still problems. i even restored my PC to it’s original factory configuration (no DVD+RW drive) and I was still getting errors.

i managed to finally get it working after a whole weekend of “blue screens”, but now instead of up-grading my PC i down-graded it and have it barely working. in the past i’ve installed new HW (PCI cards, HDD, etc) with no problems, but this LiteOn DVD+RW has done nothing but wreak havoc on my system, and I can’t understand why. is this normal for LiteOn products?