Installed A10XL in LVD-2001 :)



Why? because the lite-on drive (165/166) in the player was noisey, even after lubing the spindle to kill the high frequency noise. Noise was even present when playing cd’s which is completly unacceptable :wink: . I got the idea from a web page that has good instructions on how to replace the drive, after his died.

I read that page a while back, since I didn’t use another lite-on drive I had to improvise a bit along the way, but it was pretty easy.

Result: Ahhh , releaf, a quite player, smooth fast forwarding, fast chapter jumping, and fast disc recognition. The drive I installed was actually an Asus 1608P2, crossflashed into an A10XL with the quiet drive utility used to set the drive to use a slow speed when playing movies. I should have used the option to lock the maximum speeds but I thought it would be better to give the player the ability to read a higher speeds incase it was necessary.

I didn’t finish it quite yet, but I had to test it out, the results are good. :slight_smile:

I know dvd players are cheap now, but I had an extra IDE drive and wanted to put it to good use. Besides the LVD-2001 is still pretty good compared to todays standards, it up converts to 1080i, and does divx well.