Installation question

Hi, i have a CD with only read option. In my installation of NERO the Install button is disable, can i complete the installation although i don’t have burning posibilitiy?

Yes, because there is still Image Recorder you can use.

How are you going to complete the installation if you can not click on the install button?

This is my installation problem:
In the window i receive a request for company name, user name and serial number. In all those 3 places i write not significiant values.
The problem is that the install button there is disabled and only the back and cancel buttons are enabled.

  1. Does the installation require a valid serial number and if so where can i find this serial number?

  2. What can cause this problem?

  1. Should be on the packaging received when you purchased Nero

  2. Not purchasing genuine Nero software - you need to enter the serial no to procede