Installation question



I have a cd-dvd reader and cd-writer, i just bought a dvd reader-writer. Wich one should i use as master and slave ? Right now, i have set the original CD-dvd as master and the new dvd writer as slave. Is this ok ?

Second question, in the package i found an audio cable…where does that one go ? My original cd-dvd aint got one…so i use the new cable to make a link between the 2 cd-dvd and dvd… sorry if this is a very noob question ,lol.


Usually it doesn’t matter much which is slave and which is master, as long as you keep hard drives and CD/DVD drives on different IDE channels. I always make CD/DVD writers master and CD/DVD readers slave to be on the save side, but this is more a habit of me than a real decision.

The audio cable you found in your package is (most likely) the cable to connect your CD/DVD drive to your soundcard. It is for analog audio, and is a relic from the past; it has little use these days. I don’t use one and so far never missed it. I wouldn’t use it to connect two drives with eachother however; I don’t know if there is a chance of short circuiting, but it just isn’t what it is ment to do.


Personally i’d set the dvd burner to master and the cd-dvd reader( i guess you mean a
Dvd-Rom) as slave. And the audio cable goes on the left side next to where you set the
jumpers :wink: