Installation problems with benq EW-1621 External dvd burner


I’ve had a problem. I brought a external Benq EW-1621 dvd burner and when tring to install (following instruction, boot then connect burner) my computer keeps rebooting. I’ve disconnected the burner after on two of the many reboots i got an error message on a blue screen when it tried to restart.

I’ve searched for answers and cant find any but i have noticed that it seems to reboot when it tries to install the Mass Storage Device. ( i also have a hard drive in an external case that works fine but not connected at moment)

Im running windows 2000 Service Pack 4. If i cant fix it i may return mine tomorrow and buy an internal liteon or pioneer. I have digital camera software and a card reader (they installed the Mass Storage thing when i conected them perfectly, not that i know what that means)

Any one, please help in baby language as im not that literate as yet.


Windows 2000
550 mhz Pentium 111
512 ram
80 gig primary drive
13 gig slave
Ricoh CD-R/RW MP7036A
AXV CD/DVD-ROM SCSI (demon tools virtual drives)
C-Media USB Mass Storage controller
USB Root Hub

sorry not sure whats important.

Might want to update chipset drivers, usb drivers, and/or bios. Also Microsoft 2k came out with a last update to Win 2k. You may want to apply that as well. I would also try it on another PC/Laptop, see it it works there. Could try another cable if you got one. Good Luck.