Installation problems, WinToUSB stuck still at 75%

Hi guys, i have a problem .I’m trying to make a bootable windows 10 x64, to run it from the usb flash drive. Everything is fine untill it get stucks at 75 percent . I left it for an hour but still stuck at 75 percent.I have a USB Sony 3.0 of 64 Gb.
How can i install any Windows 10 and run it from the usb flash drive ? Can anyone help me ?

Hi mazzkhan. Welcome to Myce.
WinToUSB will generally only create a successful Flash media if your creating it from a fresh Win10 install.
I have found it will nearly always fail if you try to create a flash media with your applications already installed on your Win10 system.

Other things to keep in mind if you get it working. A USB Flash drive is not great for running Windows from.
1, Windows always writes a lot of data to the drive, even when doing nothing, and it will soon burn out the NAND on your USB Flash drive. Its much better on an external USB HDD or SSD.
2, It will be very slow running from a USB Flash drive.
3, Windows should not already be installed on the HDD of the system you intend to run it on. As there is a good chance it will corrupt the existing Win10 install.

Depending on what you want to use the bootable Flash drive for?
You may be better using a Live Linux distro such as Linux Mint or Ubuntu.

I assume (a dangerous word) that you are using the Microsoft tool to make the WinToGo USB stick. Try using a program called Rufus and see how you go with that. There is an option to “burn” a WinToGo USB.

After thought. Do you know for certain that your USB stick is not faulty?

Apologies as I can only see out of one eye and the good one is not that good at the moment so I may have misread your post.
Are you trying to make a WinToGo USB stick so you can run the operating system by booting from the USB stick or are you trying to make a bootable Windows 10 installation USB? Use Etcher, its easy and fast.