Installation problems,can you help

Hi guys, i have a problem .I’m trying to make a bootable windows 10 x64, to run it from the usb flash drive. Everything is fine untill it get stucks at 75 percent . I left it for an hour but still stuck at 75 percent.I have a USB Sony 3.0 of 64 Gb.
How can i install any Windows 10 and run it from the usb flash drive ? Can anyone help me ?

try to use latest version of Rufus tool…

You will need the following.

A Windows 10 1909 ISO (not the one created with the media creation tool)
Go to this site on how to obtain a legal Win10 ISO.

Go to the following site and download Rufus 3.9 or later.

Once you have the ISO and Rufus. Here is how to create a bootable Win10 Installation on a USB flash drive.

Run Rufus then select your ISO and USB Flash drive. Then select the Windows To Go image option as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Then select start and wait. It will take a while to create the installation media.

if you successfully create the Win10 flash drive then, reboot and enter your BIOS/UEFI, and change the boot order to boot from your USB flash drive.

If all goes well you should be in Windows after its finished setting up (it takes a while).

You should then see something like the screenshot below (note the USB icon next to the WinToGo drive).


Be aware.
A USB flash drive is not ideal for running a live Windows OS. Its slow and the NAND will burn out quickly. If you intend to use this frequently, then I suggest you use either a USB HDD or SSD. Alternatively buy a cheap SSD and USB 3 adaptor preferably an adaptor that supports UASP USB3 mode. Like I have done for mine.