Installation order

I am new to this site and have read a lot of the posts but haven’t seen this question. Is there a recommended order for installing Easy CD Creator 5.x Platinum and CloneCD? Should I install CloneCD first or second and are there any parts of Easy CD Creator you would recommend I don’t even bother to install (problems, etc.)? I already own both and hope they will cover most of my CD-R/CD-RW bases. I have been burning coasters and am about to flatten my hard drive and do a complete install of Windows XP Pro. Thanks for your thoughts.

My system:
Asus A7V266E MB
Athlon PR1800+ XP
768 MB RAM
Ricoh MP9120A DVD/CD-R/CD-RW (Both products say they support this drive)
Windows XP Professional

Ok I might be able to help you with this one. If I was going to install Ez it would be first and then clonecd, but I dont think it would really matter. But you can have problems if you install Nero and ezcd. The problem lies when you have 2 seperate applications trying to take control of a device and thats where some of the conflicts come from. Plus not to mention there are many other problems tha could arise.

I am running XP and NEro with clonecd, I dont use EZCD anymore.

But one thing you can try to do, is to disable the IMAPI service and dont let XP upgrade the built in software.

Thanks Cloakdoa! I didn’t think the order mattered a ton but with possible conflicts, I thought I would check. My system has been making coasters but XP has also been crashing a lot so I figured I needed to start from scratch with a clean install of XP then re-install my software. My IMAPI service was set to Manual but I will disable it. I appreciate your help. :smiley:

Installation order doesn’t matter.

The latest versions of Nero and Easy CD Creator coexist very well without problems or conflicts as long as only one packet writing program is installed, i.e., DirectCD or InCD but not both.

Well, I run WinME & have Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum, NERO & CloneCD installed.

I haven’t experienced any conflicts between Ez & Nero.

What kind of conflicts have you all faced?

Thanks Inertia!

I’m not sure about wheiter it was my computer or what but I had CloneCD and ECD installed and had nothing but trouble with them. I think that I installed CloneCD first then ECD. Tryed it the other way around but it still kept giving me errors. I did get them to work after alot of fiddling around… Much Prefer Nero over ECD anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks GhostBear. I believe my problems were probably related to a bad install of Win XP but I thought I would check out install order or other conflicts. Nero sounds great but I already own ECDC and it hopefully will fulfill my needs.

DBDarrough>>> I also though of that as well and tryed it again. Still had alittle trouble. Did you also try to turn off Win XP’s native burning? even if I remember rightly it is Roxio ECD cut right down… Might even be DCD not fully sure all i know it is Roxio

And don’t get me wrong it is a good program as well but I didn’t mind paying the extra to have a wroking version of both of them