Installation of new 1620 Pro's

Very soon, I will be the lucky recipient of a pair of new Benq 1620 Pros for my Dell 8400. I am currnetly running Phillips 8601"s flashed to Benq 1620 f/w B7P9.

Question(s): Does anybody see any reason why I shouldn’t be able to simply plug and burn with the new Benqs after I figure out how to install the Dell brackets on them? It seems redundant to try to reinstall the same f/w, you know? Addendum: If you think it is better to uninstall the current Benq f/w from my computer so that the new units get a fresh f/w install, please don’t hesitate to pony up specifics of this process, as I have no idea how it is done.

I would think there should be no problem in leaving the f/w alone, but I wanted to ask just to make sure. Thanks for your input. :slight_smile:

the “firmware” is on your optical drive itself not on your computer hard drive. so there is no need to uninstall it.

Doh! Thanks for the polite reply to a totally mundane and obvious newbie question. “I can see, cried the blind man. I can see!” :rolleyes:

-Scuba Sam,

no problem glad to be of help. and dont feel bad everyone has to start somewhere.