Installation of DVD Fab Platinum

Just installed the new DVD Fab Platinum 3010 and it looks great. I still have the prior verson of DVD Fab Platinum 2.9xx on my PC. Is it ok to have both versions installed? I thought the new version would overwrite the older version and now I have both DVD Fab Platinum programs on my PC. Will this cause any conflict with the new version not working?

Hi jmrock,

You can keep both version 2.x and 3.x on one PC without problem.

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how do i get the new version 3. I have dvdfab

I just installed the official version. This is what it looks like.

As you can see, something is definitely wrong. I tried un-installing it, rebooting, downloading it again, installing it again, same thing.

Hi Mike89,

Rename or delete DVDFab_MainUI.ini in installation folder to see the result.

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Deleted it. Opened program again. This time it looked like this.

when you start DVDFab, do you get such UI problem? or just when you click “Next” to process?

Right when I open it.

As I said. I tried downloading it again, un-installing (and manually removing left over folder), removing all instances of DVDFab in registry, and re-installing (about 5 times). All result in the same thing. I also have my previous series 2 version un-installed.

Do you have special Windows UI settings?

Do you install special UI control program?

You mean like WindowBlinds or something? No.

I posted this also on Digital Video forum and at least one other person has displayed the same screenshot as I did.

Got exactly the type of UI as Mike 89 although my START button is at the top. Something is sure screwing up! :a

I have the same problem???

Anyone checked the display settings on the monitor. Looks like it is wrapping around to compensate for size.

Just a Thought,

I have just updated to and I also have a screwed up window. My screen resolution is 1280 * 1024.

Deleting the DVDFab_MainUI.ini gives exactly the same screen as that of Mike89.

I have tried other display resolution settings but there is no difference.

Did Beta version do the same?


Hun, I seem to remember that you post a long time ago to help another user that the language in Windows had to be set to English when program was installed but during installation Fab could be set to user’s choice. Not sure of which version but DVDFab Decrypter comes to mind, but my old brain missfires a lot.


A couple of old threads:



The regional setting was a problem with the Patin couffin engine. This has been rectified by now, does work with my region (Hungary) as well. However, I did try installation with English region - no difference. I did not have beta, I just tried this new version today when I learned that Gold and Express have merged into new Gold.