Installation of CenDyne fails -- what are real steps?

I’m trying to install a CenDyne CD ICD 00118 48x12x48 CD-RW
In an IBM Aptiva model 2158500, which has CPU running 400mhz
Operating system is Windows 98.

The symptom is: after installation, the drive seems to be recognized, but on boot up, it starts spinning and then the system hangs. Every time.

Installation: I installed by connecting the IDE ribbon cable and power. I set the drive to slave on the secondary IDE, because the masters are already both used by hard drives.

Recognition. The system seems to have recognized the drive because if I start in safe mode, the Cendyne drive is listed as the CDROM.

Hang: The system hangs in regular boot mode soon after the password is entered and some of the boot-on-initialization programs are loaded. If I disconnect the driver, the system does not hang, so it must be something related to the drive.

I was surprized there was no additional software to install to have the drive recognized. I have not been able to install anything off the CDROM, since the drive doesn’t work. The software on the CD-ROM includes Nero and InCD, but nothing else. No drivers (that I can tell).

I have had a CD-ROM previously installed on this system. It was an Imation 4x4x12. If I plug the Imation back in, it still works (as a CD-R only, the RW is broken, that’s why I’m replacing).

What is you next suggestion? What is the correct set of steps to install a system? Do I need to install drivers?

  • Brian

Try leaving the Imation 4x4x12 hooked up then booting into Windows goto system and remove it from the list, then shutdown and hook up the CenDyne CD ICD 00118 48x12x48 CD-RW and restart.

Also try removing your old burning software before installing your CenDyne CD ICD 00118 48x12x48 CD-RW.

You could also try setting the CenDyne CD ICD 00118 48x12x48 CD-RW drive jumper to cable select.

Double check the jumper locations on the Cendyne website or manual. Ive seen where the label on the drive had different jumper settings listed on it than the manual or website and the label on the drive was wrong!

Need more ideas? Post again if the above don’t work.

Spineshank – thanks for your reply.

The documentation said three times that installation of the CenDyne drive worked best with the drive set as the Master on the second IDE cable. I decided to try this and moved both of the hard drives to the IDE cable 1 (one as slave and one as master) then put the CenDyne on the second IDE. It liked this.

So I’m up and running. I’d have thought the two hard drives on the same cable might cause problems, but they seem to work fine. Any reason I can’t leave it like this?

The CenDyne seems to be working fine, although it fails to record all the time at 12x. When I do writing as 4x, it works every time.

FWIW, Windows seems to have forgotten that there ever was a Imation CD installed. Only the CenDyne is listed under the CDROMs.

I chose not to install InCD. This forum suggests it is more hassle than its worth.

  • Brian

Glad to hear you have the drive installed and working! :slight_smile:

As far as failed burns 12x try going to the CDRW properties and all your harddrives properties through control panel --> system and check to see if you have DMA checked for all drives. If not check them and restart and try burning at 12x again. Also try defragging your harddrive as this helps to read your data faster.