Installation need help!

Hi i just install the burner (well tried too) …So I turn on my computer and open up the dvd drive… It opens up… but then i put a dvd in it doesnt respond… so i go to my computer and then find that i now no longer have a cd or a dvd drive at all only my harddrivees are listed…
I need help !

Can someone tell me what i did wrong

When i installed it i kept my cd rom still there and put teh dvd pioneer drive under it then put the extra power cable into it and used that little extended piece of the IDE that was connected to my cd into it so they would both be still connected…That is all i did…

But seeing that i am able to open and close the drives that must mean the power is working but due to the computer not actualyl realisign there are these drivers anymore must be due to the IDE yes ? I did have to force the IDE into its connector…
I might just try again now to reinstall it but please can you guys help me. :a

Did you set the jumper right? (master or slave) You say, you had to force the ide into the connector, so, did you put it in the right way in? You can also delete the ide channel in windows, restart and let them detect it new.

Very hard to tell from here as it could be many things, but 1st make sure your using a 80 core eide cable as you need it anyway and pioneer tell you this.

Try installing only the pioneer without this other cd drive, then let us know if it works, enter bios and make sure you see the drive if not set it manually not autodetect.

Yes thats good info as the pioneer is always set to master so a make sure your cd drive is set to slave. (the guy above typed his reply same time as me lol, i though i was 1st.

Wrong master/slave setting, check for that first.
The slave drive has to be connected to the middle port of the IDE-cable, the master drive at the 2nd end.

…and remember. The Pioneer prefers to be set to Master.