Installation help!

I just bought a nero 7 ultra edition software package, but whenever i put the installation cd into my dvd-rom/dvd recorder drive the installation wizard doesn’t show up. And i can’t find any nero file saved on my computer, that i can use to acces the installation wizard,whenever i go to look on my c:/ drive.I tried contacting the nero customer service through email, but they don’t reply back to me and i’ve been waiting for about five hours already for their my reply.

Please help! My school project is due tomorrow and i need to make a movie based on glabal warming and polar bears!!!

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If I’m not wrong, nero must be installed with administrator proviledges. Are you logged as a limited user?

Thanks^_^.I have administrator priveleges to all the features of my computer but nero still doesn’t install, and no i’m not logged in as a limited user.

hmmm Maybe a damaged download. Try to download again the setup

I put the cd into my dvd rom again( and waited for half an hour) but the installation wizard still doesn’t start. I contacted the manufacturers but they aren’t replying, and i tried to contact the store where i bought my software from but they aren’t a really big help either. :frowning:

Have you tried to browse the CD content and search for a setup.exe file or something similar?

When i put the cd into my dvd rom nothing shows up.And i tried to search for the setup.exe file on windows explorer but i couldn’t find anything.

What other .exe files there are on the CD?

i don’t really know, its an installation cd only.

There is a file named autorun or something similar? What files there are on the disc?