Installation help with Final Fantasy XI DVD


I just bought Final Fantasy XI - Vana’diel Collection, which comes on DVD

I’m having trouble actually installing this game, the installation comes in 4 parts, each selectable from the autorun menu on the DVD

  1. The Playonline Viewer/Tetra Master (launcher and card game thing)
  2. Final Fantasy XI (main game)
  3. Rise of the Zilart (first expansion)
  4. Chains of Promatia (second Expansion)

Now, Playonline installs fine, but FFXI loads up the installer, says it’s starting up and then asks for disc 1, then refuses to do anything else (the dvd is the only disc, it came on about 4 CDs in it’s original release) it even refuses to spin the disc to even check to see if it’s there

i checked the expansions and they seem to install fine, they start copying files.

Now, i had FFXI installed previously, when i borrowed the CDs from a friend to create an account, but stopped playing sometime last year, and uninstalled.

when the installer boots up it sets itself to install to my F: drive, which was where FFXI was installed when i first had it, is this a registry issue conflicting with the new installer?

I checked the DVD on our PC downstairs, and FFXI installs fine down there, with no problems, so it’s not the disc.

it seems to be an issue with the actual installer and MY computer, but i’m baffled.

Any Ideas?

thanks in advance

Yes I know what you mean seen the problem before. You need to go into your Windows Registry and clean it and remove all traces of the game you had installed previously from your registry, then it will install fine. A good Registry Editing tool like [B] Jv16 Power Tools [/B] should do it for you.

Yeah, managed to fix it this morning, i thought something was fishy, turns out i had 1347 errors in my registry :open_mouth:

thanks :slight_smile:

My problem with the Vana’diel Collection is the exact opposite :doh: It installed the main game fine, but i put the disk to install the 2 expansions, and nothing loads. I haven’t taken the disk back to where I bought it from yet because i wanted to make sure it was messed up, so i tried everything i could think of (setup.exe, direct INST file programs, the works) but the disk still will not come up! I have already installed FFXI, Tetra Master and PlayOnline Viewer. It may be just the disk, but what do u guys think?