Installation help - please

Hello everyone,

I’m having a bit of a headache installing my new 851s. My PC seems to be stuck on my existing DVD-ROM drive.

Basically, whenever the 851s is connected and I try to boot, the PC initially recognises both drives but then freezes when it seems to be making some sort of check against the existing DVD-ROM. When I disconnect the 851s, no problems.

This happens regardless of the Master / Slave config.

Any ideas?


Same problem if you disconnect the DVD-ROM and leaves the 851S alone as master on the cable?

Yes it do happen that devices conflicts with each other. My NEC ND-2500A and pioneer DVR-107D did that.

Tried a new cable?

Checked for updated bios for your mainboard?

It hangs right after having detected the drives, right?

Yep, if the 851s is connected by itself the same thing happens. In all cases, it hangs after the intial drive detection.


Hm that’s strange. You’re able to open the tray of the 851S?

Do you have the possibility to try it in another computer?

I can open the tray immediately after switching on the PC only.

if you can vheck it in another computer that would be good otherwise exchange it and see if that helps…

this seems to be a problem with the controller on the liteon.

I’ve now managed to get the PC to boot up when both drives are connected. However, there is a problem somewhere. If I go into My Computer, 2 drives are listed but I can only access the original one. When trying to access the new one, the PC just thinks about it for a bit then does nothing.

In Device Manager, there appears to be a conflict associated with the Secondary IDE controller as there is a yellow circle containing an exclamation mark next to it.

Any ideas?

I assume your’s a VIA chipset MB!? In Device Manager, remove the 2nd IDE channel. If you’re using NT5.0+, the OS should reinstall the ide channel with correct setting…

Make sure your bios detects the drives correctly too…

I’m using Win98. In Device Manager, I can only seem to disable the 2 IDE channel through the main Bus Controller setting rather than remove it directly.

How do I check that the BIOS detects the drives as well?


OK, more info.

I think I’ve said this already but the IDE controller problem only exists when the new 851s is connected - it makes no difference if it’s connected by itself or with the existing drive.

Is this a problem with the 851s or Windows?

BIOS seems to be detecting whatever drives are connected during the initial boot-up with the drives named and correctly allocated to the right IDE and master / slave connections. This makes me think it’s a Win98 problem.

Any thoughts?


Sometimes Win98x can have it’s drivers corrupted. To workaround the quickest way is to delete all cd drives and that IDE controller and reboot. Even Win98x will find them and put them right. Via drivers if you want the latest (should be the best…most of the time) and greatest just install using the Via install instructions. But get rid of that OS as soon as you can. It’s much easier to maintain an XP installation.