Installation error

I recently bought an external cd burner for my Notebook. its a Dynex Slim USB CDRW/DVD Combo Drive. It came with a Nero OEM Suite CD. Everytime I try installing the OEM burning software, I receive an error message eventually that reads as follows:
[I]an error occurred during the copy process (file name:Nero\CDROM.dll).
Error: 2
The system cannot find the file specified.

Please reboot your computer and retry[/I]

of course, rebooting doesn’t help. I’m about to lose my mind here! can anyone help?
thanks in advance

Does it do this on the laptop or the external drive? I’d try the other drive if it is only on that one doing this.

i’ve tried both drives and the same thing happens on either one. perhaps i just have a faulty disc. the CDROM.dll file is on the cd in the Nero folder, but the installation wizard claims its not found.