Installation Disc not finding my Audigy2 ZS

Hey everyone, I’m just wondering what would cause my install disc for my Audigy2 ZS to not notice my Audigy card.

I’ve been using the card for about 3 months now, when suddenly I notice my mic level slider was missing. I couldn’t find it under advanced controls either so I decided to reinstall drivers.

Only thing is, when I put my origininal Sound Blaster driver disc in, it give me an error that says it does not find this card on my machine. So, I check in control panel and none of the creative stuff is there :eek: :eek: :eek:

Anywho, if someone can give me a tip that’d be great. Don’t know what to do at this stage.

Thanks, Strat :slight_smile:

if windows itself dont recognize it you cant really complain,check device manager
are there any devices with a yellow icon? or do you see it under “sound video and game controllers” ?

try these

Driver Update 1.84.55 May 12:

Beta driver with OpenAL support April 5: