Installation CD(files) for BenQ DW1625

Hi, new to the forum~! :slight_smile:
Anyways, I’ve just purchased the BenQ DW1625 OEM from and having purchsed the OEM version, I didn’t get any cables (no problem), box (no problem), instruction manual (no problem), and no installation CD (thought to be no problem, but ended up being a problem :sad: ).

I thought I could just download the latest driver/firmware (etc.) from the developer site (BenQ). But BenQ only seems to offer firmware upgrade and no driver installation files.

Firmware version: BBHA
Driver version: Default MS Window’s Drivers (dated back to 2001)

Because of this problem, Nero insn’t recogning the driver as a Lightscribe capable recorder, I think.

Anyone know of any solution?? It would be greatly appreciated and as always, thanks in advance! :bow:

@ Corea,

You need the Lightscribe Driver. Go to The Nero Web Page her:

Bottom of page download and Install latest Driver.

That should do it.


Thanks for the reply…downloaded the software, installed, rebooted PC.

Still no option for Lightscribe… :sad:

Ok, You need Software that us lightscribe Aware. The Latest Nero for example.

Sams has the light scribe cd-r on sale (30) for 13.87. has trial software for the light scribe.