Install windows onto laptop HD from another laptop

OK, i’m kind of stuck with a problem i have.

I have been given a laptop (Toshiba Satellite) which has a broken CD/DVD drive. The OS (xp) is corrupt and it will not boot. To buy a new cd drive is quite a bit of cash and not worth is in my opinion (it’s not a generic one, so a couple of hundred $ from what i’ve been told). Oh yeah, there is no option to boot from USB either.

Is there any way that i can install the OS back on the HD using by putting the HD in another laptop (I’ve got a older HP sitting here, with a working CD /DVDdrive)?

What i tried so far is to swap the HD to the other laptop and install the OS. I can install linux (fedora 10) no prob, and then swap it back and it works fine. I just cant seem to do it with XP or W7. It starts to boot then BSOD.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

Will the Toshiba boot to floppy drive? If so, you can boot to floppy drive and install Windows from an external USB drive, but that’s probably your only solution unless you can find the same model Toshiba and install Windows on the drive from it.

Is there an option in the bios to boot from usb devices? If so, you might be able to hook up an external dvd drive that way, and install XP or W7 from there.

Wow, i just got it working after hours of trial and error. It’s kind of a hack but it’s now running with W7 without any problems.

[B]Solution for those who ever get stuck wit the same prob:[/B]
The problem was when installing Win7 onto the HD (from the secondary laptop) was that it would configure itself for that specific laptop h/w (for lack of a more tech explanation). So when swapping the HD back to the original lappy, it would BSOD.

I noticed when I booted from a win7 CD, it firstly installed all the files on the HD then restarted the system and configured the OS to the laptop hardware (without the need for the CD any more).

What i done was let it perform the first part of the process (boot from cd, install OS files) on the working laptop, then when it rebooted itself i turned it off, swapped the HD to the original laptop (the one without CD/DVD etc…) and let the process continue, which led it to configure the OS for that lappy. Now it works like a charm.