Install Windows ME

I’m trying to reformat a computer with WinME. I’ve got a lot old games that won’t run on modern day computers without emulators. So, I downloaded a WinME torrent (before anyone asks, I legally owned a copy of ME. I no longer have the disk, but I still have the product key). I then went to the bios and changed the boot order to first read the floppy (bootdisk) and then the HDD and the FDD. I then deleted the current partition and recreated it. Then, I formated drive C:. Finally, I ran the setup off of the CD. Everything finishes up and I get the message “Windows needs to Restart” (or something like that). Once I restart it, it won’t boot up. Even if I disable the floppy drive and only tell it to boot from the HDD, it still asks for the bootdisk. I’ve noticed though that if I choose to boot from the floppy and type c:/ and then “dir”, it comes up with a list of files (none of which can be opened). I’ve tried this several times, always getting the same outcome. Is it possible that I just got a bad copy of ME? Should I try finding a different one and see if it makes a difference? Please help!

PS. Before I tried this, I was running ME, but was infected with a bad virus. I figured the best way to rid of it was to reformat.

I can also say that about a week ago, I formated a HDD with Win98SE and hadn’t run into any problems.

PS. Before I tried this, I was running ME, but was infected with a bad virus. I figured the best way to rid of it was to reformat.

So, I downloaded a WinME torrent


LOL. I knew SOMEONE was going to point this out. In the days that my ME actually worked (about 6 months ago) I never used torrents. I actually got the virus because I decided it would be smart to hook up the computer to the internet… Even though there’s virtually no virus protection or firewalls that run on ME. I’ve only ever downloaded about three torrents. For all the ones I do, I read all of the other comments, see if the website gives any virus warnings about the torrent, and then scan the downloaded data with both AVG and Spyware Doctor.

Also, even if all of those failed, the very fact that the computer which the iso was burnt on is virus free probably says something.

The ME .iso must not have the MBR. Sorry I don’t know how to correct that.
I ran both ME & 98SE I always found 98 SE to be better .
If you can get a copy of AVG 7.5 it will work as an AV .You just need to update manually.
Agnitum Outpost will work as a firewall.
SpywareBlaster gives some protection.
A working antimalware has become difficult to find.Spyware Terminator still works on my 98SE but since the computer with it is no longer online I can’t say the update for it works.
There is an AV that says it works called ClamWin I think I have never used it.
So you need to find a Windows ME torrent with a MBR.

I totally agree that Win98SE is better. However, there’s just minor things here and there that I don’t like about it. For example, if you right click a file, there’s no “open with” option. You can only change programs under the properties tab.

Anyway, I may have found another copy of WinME using a megaupload/rapidshare search engine :p. You’d be surprised to see how hard it is to find WinME torrents.

By the way, no matter how buggy it was, no matter how many times it crashed, it was the fastest booting computer I’ve ever seen.

I got the version off of megaupload, but it’s in another language. It’s strange because it’s selfboot. However, it’s been tampered with because it’s an autoinstall, meaning that it runs through the install process without letting you change any settings.

Still, even after the install, I’m still getting the same message, and Windows still won’t boot. So, I’m installing Win98SE and seeing what happens. If it loads fine, I’m going to copy the cab files from the ME disk and see if I can install directly from the HD. Any thoughts?

why do you want files from ME?
Other than the ME defrag & maybe a few drivers if you need them.
You do want to install this file.It should be available on the internet.
It makes most USB Plug & Play on your 98SE.


I see you want a right click "open with " on 98SE. I think I did a registry tweak for that If I can find it I will post it.
It’s probably buried deep so it may take a while.

I tried installing Win98SE to no avail. I was too lazy to boot up another computer to download the bootdisk (my other computer’s slow as hell). The skandisk didn’t work, but I was still able to run the setup. I still ran into the same problem. The computer WILL NOT boot. I know that my Win98SE disk is good. I used it about a week ago and had a flawless install. I’m starting to think that maybe (just MAYBE) it’s a problem with the HD? Although, it is reading and writing to the drive. Remember that if I go to drive c: and type dir, I see a list of files that were created within the past 30 mins. Also, when I first tried to install Win98SE, it said that it couldn’t do that because I had a newer OS. So, I typed in Format c:, waited till it finished, and was able to run the setup. Please help! I’m going INSANE!!!

Did the setup & complete work after the last format ?

Yeah, it loaded and completed, but I’m still not able to boot.

Do you have a Windows 98 Startup disk ?
If you do or have a Windows 98 computer you can create one with do that.
From power off boot from the start up floppy.You may need to set your BIOS for that.
I can’t remember but I think you can format C: from this floppy.
Format C: again .
Now you need to use FDISK to set active partition.
If you don’t have a partition you need to create one.
The Start up disk give the with CD-ROM option but I would start again & try from the CD that Windows 98 is on before accessing it from the startup disk DOS.
At least that is what I think you need to do .It’s been a while since I did this.
Hopefully this will fix the MBR of the hard drive.I think that your computer doesn’t consider the Windows 98 partition bootable.

"I was running ME, but was infected with a bad virus."
There you have it, ME is the bad virus
Not a sane person will try to install the old 9x-platform on a computer today (unless its a virtual machine), if its too slow for XP or newer run Moblin for instance… :slight_smile:
I’m also very sure that downloading ME violates your license at least if you’re in the US.

Yeah, I think we will end this thread with that note.

If anything, whenever doing a fresh OS install one must always put a proper firewall and antivirus BEFORE connecting to the internet.