Install windows 7 on usb

How to install on a portable hard drive 270gb by a USB cable? I have a 270gb external portable hard drive connected with PC by a USB cable. want to know how to install Windows 7 on it? Please help

Thread moved to our Hard Drives section, as it’s about an external HDD (USB).

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From what I’ve heard, the only successful way of doing this is with using an Internal HDD to install the OS, then make certain changes before moving it into an external HDD. However, I haven’t come across and actual guide showing this process. Also, every question I saw on Microsoft’s Technet forums asking about this have all been answered saying that it is not possible to install and operate Windows 7 on a USB drive.

It’s also worth noting that if you do manage to find out how to install and run Windows 7 on a USB drive, it is likely to run very sluggish due to its limited bandwidth. If you ever had to experience Windows running with the hard disk stuck in PIO mode, this roughly gives an idea of what to expect, at least from what I’ve heard from those who have installed and run Windows XP on a USB hard disk.

Just out of curiosity, are you using a laptop or desktop PC? There are a few alternatives that may be worth considering.

For a desktop, I would suggest getting a second hard disk to use for your Windows 7 installation. A cheap 80GB or 160GB will be fine. If you don’t want Windows 7 to put a bootloader on your existing HDD, just disconnect the original HDD befoe installing Windows 7, connect it up after the installation completes and use the BIOS boot priority or boot menu (try pressing F10 or F12 at the power-on screen) to choose which to boot.

For a laptop, you’ll need an external ESATA hard disk and an eSATA ExpressCard (if your laptop has this slot). In this setup, you can install and run Windows 7 with the eSATA external hard disk.

If you are just looking to try out Windows 7, another option would be to use something like Virtual PC or VirutualBox and install Windows 7 on this, using your external hard disk to store its virtual hard disk on.