Install Win'98 Just in 5 Mins!



Hi there,

Here i have provided useful information how to restore win98 Just in 5 min.

You will need two things to get it works successful

Read this details how to backup with Norton Ghost & restore the image at the MS-DOS prompt,


This is NOT joke, i am seriously ! Yeah man
Give a try for the first time !

It’s pretty easy and stright forward,

BTW: i am gonna design web site to teach you how to backup win98 and restored within JUST in 5 mins

so watch out,

please add any comments here i will reply here :wink: and any Questions is welcome


Good work!

maybe you can help guurt with his pc problems then.?

See dutch forum


this a great program i’m using it for some time now.

After i had windows2k installed, and it SUCKS BIG TIME i was back at my old windows98 within five minutes or so.

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Ghost works, I have an image of my bare system on my D drive and regularly find I have to reformat my C drive and all I do is restore image and it only takes a couple of minutes. All I have to do then is fine tune and everything is back to normal.
Lets hear it for ghost


Yeah… ghost works great…
I personally like Powerquest DriveImage a little better, but only because of their better interface.
These backup tools really rock!

Hail to the ping baby!