Install software that deleted



i have acciddently deleted the software, how to install it?:slight_smile:


[QUOTE=anisma63;2460483]i have acciddently deleted the software, how to install it?:)[/QUOTE]

Where the software installed from cd/dvd media or downloaded files? If you forgot the names of the files then there not much we can do to help locate them-this would be hard to do for downloaded files but no if you still have the cd/dvd the software was installed from. But since you deleted the software did you reinstall anything else after that or do a complete reinstall of your O/S? There are some free programs to undelete deleted software but that depends if you didn’t at that time install or write something into the space that contained the software-if you did that there isn’t much chance to recover or undelete it correctly to get the software back. Maybe if you give a good description of the software someone here might know what it was and if it was downloaded software could help you locate it.


IOW, what SW?..