Install Problem,Any clues?



Ok, this is the deal.Installed Ricoh 7060S cd-rw OEM SCSI onto a Kouwell SCSI adapter.On this adapter i have a 9.1 IBM Ultrastar drive, and an HP scanjet scanner.The address are all correct,Factory default on the Rico was end terminate.The drive is recognized in the BIOS and in Windows 98 orriginal release. The software package came with Adaptec Easy Cd3.5,Adaptec Direct CD 2.5. The drive plays discs fine but Adaptect will not recognize that it is a CD-RW.I have tried uninstalling ,reinstalling,changing address’and cable connect location and get the same results. If any one has words of wizdom please spead the wealth.All advice is most appreciated.



Is the ASPI layer up to date? Check on Adaptec’s website for something called ASPICHK.exe. The ASPI layer must be functioning for ADAPTEC’s ‘great’ software to work. Try CDWRIN, it’s a very small download and it has it’s own ASPI layer.
Or try NERO (my fav).


Just use Nero or a good working version of CDRWIN those proggies are way better then Adaptec’s and have their own aspi layers like skelly said.



Ok, 1st of all get rid of Adaptecs Easy Cd Creater!!! this is trash!!!
Then hop to: or !
Download Nero, clonecd and cdrwin!!! (My favorites!)
try it again!!!
Have fun burning!!!


Well folks after a few installs, uninstalls i am still in the same boat. Went and installed Nero and everything seemed to install perfectly.My system shows up everywhere and Nero has recognized it,but when i try to record it pops up “error drive not ready”. When i go through even a direct cd burn process it calculates the space on the disc accuratly and all the information shows up but as soon as it gets past reading my other drives it errors.It seems to be having the same problems as Adaptec was.So if im missing something all of your words of wizdom would be most appreciated.Thanks for the advice on adaptec,I love it when someone saves me a few headaches…lol