Install old hdd to new motherboard

About a year ago I installed a new motherboard and immediately started having problems with my OS. It very quickly became less and less stable eventually getting so bad I had to reinstall it. I talked with a couple of people about this at the time and what I was told was that the hdd had recognized the chip set of the old motherboard and when I introduced the hdd to the new/different chip set of the new motherboard it confused the OS.

Can someone please explain in some detail exactly what happened, I have another friend that I’m trying to explain this to and realize that I don’t have a concept of this so I can’t really explain it.

Basicaly when you install Windows it configures and adds the drivers for your hardware at that time, so it probably has some drivers loaded for your old hardware. I have tried to put an OS from a differnt mobo a couple of times and had no success at all (wouldn’t even boot in safe mode) so your lucky you got it work. Must have had the same chipset or close to it. I know that answer is not very detailed but I hope it helps.:slight_smile:

Just ask him how come you can’t buy hard disks with the OS pre-installed :wink:


I have never heard that you can buy a hard drive with OS pre-installed. :confused: who pays for the price of OS?.

Hi :slight_smile:
Don’t know if you misread Cressida. They’re saying you [B]can’t[/B] buy a HD with OS already on it.
The exception is when you go for a bundle, sometimes known as a PC or Laptop. :doh: :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Basicaly when you install Windows it configures and adds the drivers for your hardware at that time, so it probably has some drivers loaded for your old hardware.
Agreed; I am also surprised that it worked very much at all…Windoze takes note of all hardware & mobo at install time, so when it is time for a mobo replacement, the OS sees the mobo as a new system.

Chipset/any onboard sound/video, north/south bridge, & a host of other “stuff”. Everything that is in the dev. manager, & not to mention the registry…

Again, not a very “techie” explanation, but I think you get the idea! :smiley:

Is that what its called? You are funny.:iagree:

Here’s what I’d like to know… Something a bit more practical than an idle discussion about failure of an OS due to mixing an existing install with a new mobo.

Here’s my question: How does one fix that? I just began a fresh build. It’s utilizing an older WD 200 Gig HDD with a current install of Win XP SP2 32 bit.

The Mobo is a Zotac Nvidia 8200. I installed the mobo, ram, gpu, fan, new psu, connected all disc drives (cd r/w, dvd), and everything posts. I get a graphic from Zotac, get the Nvidia GPU logo, then it goes to DOS and tells me to choose either start windows normally or start with previous settings that worked.

No matter what selection I choose from this screen, I get to where it starts to fire the OS and then it quits, taking me back to the former screen.

When I take the HDD out of the new tower, and put it back in the old tower, with the old mobo it works fine.

Any suggestions on how to make adjustments to the OS from the new system to get it to recognize the new mobo and allow the Windows OS to boot up properly?

You can’t do that. Windows serializes all of the hardware on the initial installation. Minor changes can be made, ram, hard drive, CPU, etc. A motherboard is a complete change as far as Windows is concerned.

This isn’t a simple matter of removing drivers and installing new ones.

You will need to reinstall Windows. As always, ensure you have your data backed up.