Install New Hard Drive - Performance

Hello everyone.

I have a 10Gb hard drive on my primary IDE controller. I have a Liteon LTR-32123s (Master) and a Creative 40X CD-ROM on the secondary IDE controller.

My question: If I install another hard drive (probably 10Gb) on the Primary Controller, will it affect the performance of my ystem. I mean, will it create a bottleneck, slowing down the primary hard drive, or even the cd-drives?

The main reason I want to install this other drive is to backup information using a backup scheduler running every 4 hours, including adding CD-ROM image files to it, so it may get to be filled
to the MAX (10Gb).

I am using Windows 98se on a Pentium III with 128 Mb of Memory.

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Yes and No. It depends on which are being used.

Slave and master takes turn in using the cable, so for example, if you are copying a file from your primary hard disk to your other hard disk (which is connected to the same cable) then it would be fairly slow - this will slow down your system.

Here’s a recommendation

If you are planning to copy a lot from harddisk to harddisk then put them on separate cables, i.e. connect 1 HD to CDROM and the other HD to the writer.

If you are going to be copying a lot from CDROM to HD and only a few small files from HD to HD then your mentioned setup is okay.

If you can’t live with this then you could try getting an IDE Raid card.

What is an IDE Raid card?
And what benefits and functions
does it have?

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IDE Raid card is a PCI card that gives you 2 extra IDE slots.

It also has the advantage of:

  1. increasing performance of reading/writing data to/from HD, by allowing 2, 3 or 4 HDs to spread the data across the HDs - it’s like parallel-processing where more than 1 CPU is used, except this is with HDs and just data transfers instead.


  1. automatic backup and allowing for corrupt data due to bad sectors to be restored.


Thank You! Mr. Truman :slight_smile: