Install Nero Recode ONLY?

Ok, I like Nero. I tend to download the two main packs… Nero and Nero Digital.

Here’s the issue. ALL I want from Nero Digital… is Recode. That’s it. I very specifically DO NOT want Showtime, DO NOT want the crap codecs, DO NOT want all the bizarre bloatware. I just want Recode.

Can I do that? Is there any way?

You only can download the whole package. But after install you can delete all the other Nero Stuff and everything workd A-OK.

I have been removing all the extra stuff for years. I only want Nero Burning ROM, Nero Express, NeroVision Express, and Nero Recode.

I have removed all the other stuff with no problems at all for 2-3 years with no problems.

There is no option to choose what components you wish to install.
It installs the full package and uninstalls the full package.

Deleting software from your system is POOR advice.

No, what I meant was that I’ve seen a custom installer, but it was weird and bizarre and hard to use. Was wondering if there was any… I dunno, if anyone had done a repack or something. :frowning:

beach-hobo, thanks for the info. I went into program files and deleted the parts I didn’t want, and it seems to work fine. The nice thing is that the deleted programs don’t even show up in StartSmart anymore.

why do you bother with that? You keep everything and use only what you need… unless you have a very small hard disc…

Because some of Nero Digital does BAD stuff to your system. It puts in borked filters, takes over filetypes, and is generally VERY intrusive. :frowning:

I was about to ask this question as i only want nero burning rom and nero recode
Would not be so bad but afaik they are in different downloads all with other crap i dont want…
Many people want nero recode just because of dvdshrink author now has a hand in it…