Install Nero 7 & 9 together



Is it possible to install Nero 7 and Nero 9 together on a Win7 64bit machine.

I’m converting HD-DVD to Blu-ray but was looking at compressing the Audio down to get the data on BD below 24GB for example. When converting the Program eac3to needs the Nero codec to compress DD+ audio. and I have a Bought copy of Nero 9 and it doesn’t allow outside use of it’s codec’s I guess at least this is what the eac3to writer says.

Thanks ahead of time.



Nero 7 does not work with Win7 64bit.



To get the Nero 7 codecs for eac3to you need only install Showtime from Nero 7; it might be worth a try just installing this component to see if it works.


In that case, it is better to have a full system backup :cool:


Figures always a new wrinkle. Will it install at least doesn’t have to run just so the codecs are in there right.


[QUOTE=mciahel;2501038]In that case, it is better to have a full system backup :cool:[/QUOTE]
It’s ALWAYS better to have a full system backup. Preferably several. :bigsmile:

If it installs, eac3to should work with it. (Fingers crossed!).

If you google enough you might even find some clever person has a guide for extracting and registering just the dlls that eac3to uses.




Thanks, I’ll do some searching