Install Lightscribe Drive

Another newby question, sorry.

I just ordered the OEM 1655. It appears from other discussions that I need a Lightscribe driver? WIll that come with the OEM version, or will I need to download it from somewhere?

In terms of downloading it, can I install it now, or do I need to have the drive installed first?


Hi :slight_smile:
You can install drive without Lightscribe driver. You just won’t have Lightscribe.
Info on Lightscribe:
About lightscrbe & Sure Thing:
Lightscribe driver:

Thanks, appreciate the fast answer. i was actually thinking the otehr way around though. Wanted to install the driver now. Drive won’t be here for several days.

Also, what is best lightscribe software?

I installed the LS driver after installing my drives and all of them were instantly recognized by my lightscribe enabled applications i.e.; Surething, Roxio, etc.

I used version which was posted just a few days ago at Surething’s support site.

I don’t know whether or not it’s the it’s “the best” driver but it’s working very well for me.

Hi :slight_smile:
Firstly driver in my link is the latest ( & IMO the best.
Yes you can install driver without a lightscribe compatable drive.
Sure Thing appears to be the favourite s/w at this moment in time.
Driver & Sure Thing downloads available from the links in my post # 2 this thread.

for some reason nero 7 still doesn’t recognize my drive as being lightscribe, however surething does, and it seems to suit the needs i have for the lightscribe portion of my drive.

Again, thanks to all of you for the help.