Install knoppix to hard disc

I’ve recently tried the Knoppix bootable CD and it looked very nice and easy to use.
The only problem is that it gets slow sometimes , because it loads the programs from the CD.

How can i install it to my hard disc ?

Of course i will have to format an ext2 partition , but how much disc space will i need ?

Will the installation process include all the programs on the CD ?

PS : The knoppix version i got is the latest availiable , since i just got it from a PC magazine.

from the FAQ at

Q: Can one also install the distribution from the CD onto a hard drive?

A: In principal, yes (after all, the “master” system also runs on a hard
drive before it is burned to CD). However there is currently no
installation GUI for this, so installation to a hard drive should probably
only be attempted by more knowledgeable Linux users. Assuming the KNOPPIX
system has already booted, installation approximately follows this
1.) initialize a free partition with the ext2 file system and mount it on
/mnt/knoppix, for example.
2.) cp -a /KNOPPIX/* /mnt/knoppix/
3.) set up /mnt/knoppix/etc/fstab and /mnt/knoppix/etc/lilo.conf for the
new system (Caution: symlinks in /boot initially point to the Ram
disk!), run lilo.
4.) mkdir /mnt/knoppix/home/knoppix &&
chown knoppix.knoppix /mnt/knoppix/home/knoppix
5.) Reboot, try the system out, fix any broken settings

doesnt look like a fun time to me. this looks to be a little more hardcore than what you probably want to do. of course, since you do this after knoppix has booted, it may not be that bad. any questions about anything in this procedure, feel free to ask. dee-ehn is much more knowledgeable than i at the moment :wink:

I’ve read that i can install knoppix with the following commands on the terminal :

sudo knx-hdinstall
or knoppix-installer

What i mostly want to know is how much disk space will the installation need , so that i can partition my hard disk.

my redhat install has about 100 mb for the /boot (proly a little high), 750 mb for my swap (unsure here too, went 2.5x ram), and the rest for my /. i’d leave at least 5 gb for the /, but i have source files sprinkled everywhere. you may be able to get by with less, if you are just experimenting.