Install help (ANYDVD 6045) PLZ

1st. I need to say I have little knowledge of computers. So please bear with me. I will do the best I can to explain. (and yes I did try searching the forums before posting)

This is my 1st computer. It’s a older PIII running WIN 2000.

I picked up a LG GSA 4160B and some VERBS and was on my way to trying the ANYDVD / CLONEDVD combo.

This is were things got tricky for me.
I downloaded the setup files, saved to my desktop and installed. Was prompted to restart.
I did.

Then (because I am still a trail user), after the reboot I am told of the 21 days. I understand this.

BUT this is my problem I have no shortcut on my desktop to start the program (I selected not to) and what bothers me most is I have no START>PROGRAMS>anydvd OR clonedvd.

Can someone PLEASE help me get it to list/show in START>PROGRAMS ???

I am sure it has more then just one thing in the folder. I did search my HD and it is installed. I used add/remove several times trying to get it to put a program folder in my start menu. I even tried installing in safe mode. Same result.

Again, please, and thanks for your time. Hopping to resolve this sooner then later. Try and then (from what I have read) BUY!

Start->Programs->Elaborate Bytes->CloneDVD

Or you could reinstall and this time allow Desktop Icons to be created.

Thanks for the reply.

[B]OK, so I now know what the program folder are in my start menu, but what is in them?? Just a single shortcut or???[/B]

I could reinstall and allow shortcuts on my desktop, but I find with this machine when I have a great deal of them on my desktop it runs slower. Takes a very long time to boot.

Just a matter of personal preferances I guess.

Doing this will show that the programs are in your start menu.

Start->Programs->Elaborate Bytes->CloneDVD

I don’t allow alot of desktop icon either.

i’m confused.

your first post asked how to get it to show up in your start menu, tru explained where it was located. now you say you know where the programs are…

what do you mean what is in them? “single shortcut or???” or what? you cna see what is in them if you go to “start>programs>Slysoft” or “start>programs>elaborate bytes” as tru has explained…

what is the problem?

LOL hit submit the same time. :flower:

I am greatfull for the help, and as for confusing people… like I said I am not a computer guru. So I get lost easy. ANd do apologize for any problems.

OK. I did search my HD and saw that the programs went to
All Users
Start Menu

But it DID NOT creat anything in my START MENU. (shortcuts)

With a little help from a friend, we changed the path to
Start Menu
[removed ALL USERS from the path]
(just moved the slysoft and the Elaborate Bytes folders)

Now I have all in my START MENU, meaning…
Slysoft & Elaborate Bytes

Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the help.
Now I have some forum searching and reading to do. Then BUY.

ugh that “all users” thing has to do with user profiles set up through windows.

it’s a pain in the butt. you’ll find that some programs will install under the “all users” meaning it is accessible by everyone that uses your computer and some will install under the specific usernames that are set up on your windows system.