Install games/software on External HD

Hi, I’ planning to buy a external harddrive for my pc. Now, I was wondering: can you install games/programs on your harddrive? And if yes, does it depend on the type of harddrive and games/programs, or it does it work in all cases.
Also, how will the performance be when a game/program is installed on the harddrive. Will it work just as well as the internal harddisk; will there be any side effects?
An explanation covering these various aspects would be very helpful!


While you are looking for the answer on here and asking at game site forums etc.

For which enclosure you are deciding to buy, things to consider.

It has plenty of ventilation and fan/s for cooling. Not the small end of case type only, unless at each end one draws and one pulls the airflow.

Hard drive make and model number, then google to see if a problem drive or not. Some enclosures can have rebadged or and refurbished drives in them. Much like the dvd tv recorders can have.

Get one that has usb2 as well as e-sata or firewire connection.

Get one that can have either a dvd drive or hard drive placed in it. For normaly better cooling and option to put a dvd drive in it later if needed. Which is a reason for getting one with usb2 and e-sata or firewire connections.

Make sure you buy one with the external power block/brick some drives can come without, its said.

Always keep the enclosure flat on the surface, do not stand them on end.

Keep the enclosure away from the side of where it is placed, so it will never fall to the floor.

Remeber to disconnect correctly from windows, when needing to remove the usb cable. Via safely remove hardware in the desktop tray, or with out software.

There’s probably lots more to consider or to know, i’m out of them for now.

You can install games and software to any drive that you wish, but unless that drive is always installed, you will get errors whenever Windows boots. Also, unless you use an eSATA drive, you will take a performance hit as USB is slower to transfer data. This would especially be noticable when loading large apps or games.