Install game from the hard drive

Hey Everybody… My name is jalwas… I wanted to make a copy of doom 3 … so i just copied the contents of all the 3 cd’s to the harddrive… And copied it back to cd-r’s but when i am trying to install the game from the back up cd it starts the install with the first cd… but then when it requires the 2nd cd and i put it into the drive it fails to recognise the cd… Can anyone help me out with what to do… Is there anyway i can install it from the hard drive itself…
Thanks… Jalwas

Copying the contents to the hard isn’t going to work. This is because of the copy protection on the CD.

What you need to do is use the right CD Copying program to make an image. The choices are Alcohol, BlindWrite and CloneCD.

Try searching the format or going into one of the sub forums for the above applications and you should find what you are looking for.

Thanks Womble… But i currently dont have the original cds with me… Is there any other way to remove the copy protection from the contents on the hard drive which will help me to install it… Thanks…Jalwas

There is no legal way to remove the copy protection from the files on your hard drive and if you don’t have the original cds we can’t help you. :cop: