Install Fresh windows from USB?

Hy there.

My DVD ROM is out of order and I seriously need to install a fresh copy of windows (I mean format C Drive)

Is it possible by using USB and How?

It may sound noob to you but Its driving me crazy…I tried few ways from google but they are quite confusing abd difficult. Isn’t any simple way?

Don’t know if this will help you but read the last part of post #3 they have a link. But since I don’t use a usb drive to format I don’t now how this works.

Give that a lookover and see what you think.

What version of Windows? Do you want to use usb cd/dvd rom or flash stick (pendrive)? Does your bios support booting from usb device?

Just google: install xp from USB.

Windows 7 is capable of doing this much more easily, since its supported by MS.

My BIOS Supports boot from USB and BTW I want to install Win 7 from USB or Pen Drive?

How its done?