Install DvD +RW+R /CD



Hello, I am trying to find out how to install my DVD RW. Do I just take out the cd player in the computer and hook the DVD Player up the same way the CD player was hooked up. Thanks John G


its only optional to disconnect the cdrom you can keep it in and your dvdrw might last longer if youll use the cdrom to read cds instead of it,anyway if your gonna keep it youll need to open another drive bay for the dvdrw which isnt so hard in most pc cases you push out the plastic or break a plate that is before the plastic with a flat screwdriver and then push out the plastic

a) do not connect it along with the hard drive on the same ide cable,connect it on the secondary motherboard ide port along with the cdrom,jumper the cdrom to slave and the dvdrw to master of course youll need to temporary disconnect the cdrom there are usally 4 screws for each optical drive 2 on each side so open both sides of the pc case first get out the left ones and then lay down the case and get out the right ones and put abit of pressure on the back of the drive so it will come out but before your going for it disconnect the ide/power cables

b) this is how a jumper look like its located in the back of the drive before the ide cable input i suggest youll use tweezers for the jumper works,now about master slave settings , right = master and middle = slave

c) as the case lays down put both of the drives in and put the screws in and plug in the ide/power cables then put the case back to normal while your puting your hand under the drives to stabilize em and put in the screws in the other side

d) connect the ide cable to both and importantly in this order , left to the motherboard ide port and middle to the slave drive and right to the master drive ,and connect it as the red stripe of the ide cable turns left (and i mean left as your infront of the case not back)

e) close up case & turn on pc and it should all be fine


I did all this. it show up in the device window but not in my computer. thanks