Install divix in linux

I need some help. My brother has installed Linux in my computer :doh: and i have no idea about it :confused: i want to watch movies which only run on divix :rolleyes: and i don’t know how to install it :sad: . Please anyone can help me by explaining step by step that how can i install divix in my linux system :frowning: . I shall be very great-full :iagree: .
Thanks :flower: .

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mplayer should do fine:


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There are several good video payers for Linux.
Xine, Mplayer, VLC, Totem…
Most Linux distributions come with at least one of
them. Which distribution are you using?

:iagree: Get the required packages from the maker of your distribution. Don’t go installing things you find here and there while searching your problem. :disagree:

You will need to install the “divx”, “divx for linux” & maybe the “xvid” codecs.
It’s also a good idea to install the win32codecs also, as it does mp3, wmv, wma & a few others as well.

If you specify what Distro you are using, we can probably help you more :wink:

  1. Do a search for “packman” & “guru” to find the repository mirrors closest to you (and distro specific).
    I’m using opensuse 10.2 and my repositories are :
    (german repository)
    (german repository).

There should be local repositories for most continents :wink: I just haven’t done it yet for this little lappy :wink:

Add the repositories to your list of sources & ok.
Go to your software management & search for the packages above, select them & install.

I personally like xine as the player, and I’m using the KMplayer interface for xine … works fantastic.

I also use VLC for the occasional movie. I’ve found that xine can use a few different video outputs, some which have better performance (opengl) and some with better compatibility for the odd video file which the opengl output fubars :stuck_out_tongue: