Instalation question, IDE 1 or 2?

Heres my problem.

To improve Hard Disk performance i was told to leave it alone on my IDE 1 conector, because a CD-Rom device would slow it down by runing it at ATA 33.?.?

At first i connected my Benq Drive as master on my IDE 2 , but it doesn’t seem to suport ultra dma 2. Now i want to remove my older Cd-Writer from my IDE 1 channel but would also like to use my Benq in ultra dma 2, so im not sure what to do.

So as of now heres my setup.

IDE1- Hard disk Master (must be alone on cable to run at ata/133
CD-Burner SLave

IDE2- DVD-Burner Master (Benq) but no ultra dma 2.

WHat should i do?

Be sure to check the bios and insure they are being seen there and you have UDMA enable for both deveices on both channels. What type of CD-Burner do you have, model#? I have never had a problem putting a CD-Writer (usually combo DVD-Rom/CD-RW) as Master on the sencond ide channel and a burner as the Slave. Both run in DMA mode as long as they are set up properly in the bios.

Personally, I have two HDDs on the primary channel (master contains the OS and applications on different partitions, slave contains data). The secondary channel holds my two DVd burners - BenQ as Master and NEC as Slave.

Never have any problems.


Who ever told you this was wrong.
This law, “the slowest rules” only applies for optical drives, (even) when using a 80 conductor IDE cable.
For long time I’ve had my “C” as slave to a Lite-On DVDRW and still got 90MB/s burst rate and 45+MB/s average read on a very fragmented WD 80GB HDD on Primary IDE channel.

Mr.Fixit, what’s the make of your mobo (and chipset)?
What IDE controller drivers are you on?

Download CPU-Z to get all necessary information about your hardware as; mobo, shipset, memory, cpu aso.
Use Nero Info Tool to get information about your IDE controller drivers. :wink:

Mainboard: ECS NU400-A

The info came from Sandra 2004, said that the speed of all drives on one IDE channel was limited by the slowest device.My cd writer is a LITE-ON LTR-52246s

There is only one blue connector on my mobo, sugesting that only my IDE1 is Ultra DMA…boohooo!!! :frowning:

XP allows mixed speed devices to coexist on an IDE channel. However, chipset drivers may interfere with this. So… YMMV

I have seem xp and ide do some odd stuff an example is my promise ultra 133 card you would think putting C: on ide 1 no slave and my second HDD on ide2 no slave and the ODD drives on motherboard ata-100 ide would be fine well hell if know why but it runs faster with both HDD on promise ide 1 nothing on ide 2 and ODD on motherboard ata-100 ide. I dont know why some kind weird timing with both HDD on masters of promise that goes away with HDD as master slave on ide1 :a