Insta-Death with Sony G120A?



I have a Sony DW-G120A DVD/CD burner and yesterday i burned a disk, and now today, it wont detect any media, blank or otherwise. It turns on, opens and closes and thats it. when you turn it on, the light blinks from maybe a second and you can hear it spin up then down for about half a second, same when you put a disk in, spins up and down all in about half a second and then says there’s no disk in the drive. So i looked around, googled here and there and decided i would just flash it with the LiteOn equivalent, the 165P6S. but no matter how hard i try i can’t get it to flash, can’t even get it to show up, when i try to run any of the firmwares it says it can detect any drives. if it means anything it is external, on a Vantec IDE to USB adapter but i figured if it shows up in windows then maybe it would flash it, and i have before, from Sony firmware MYR4 to MYR5 when it was running USB. the only program that will even recognize (to firmware flash, every other program like ClondCD and IMGBurn will recognize it) it is the EEPROM Utility, it will make a backup and says it changed it to the 165P6S but when i unplug it (power and USB) and plug it back in, it still shows up as a Sony DW-G, Any suggestions? I’d really like to get it working again so i don’t have to buy another one…