Inspiron 700m and Samsung SN-S082D

I have inspiron 700m, and want to replace the dvd drive.

Can Samsung SN-S082D be used in Inspiron 700m for sure ? This is a link from techbargains


It said “Should Fit 700m Notebook (Must remove housing)…”

But how can I remove the housing? Where is the housing ? Is it on dvd drive? The connector of the samsung drive is on the right whereas my old DVD drive has a connector on the left. How can it fit?

Thank you so much.

Never replaced a Sammy slim drive, but quite many NEC’s. :slight_smile:
Housing is lappy manufacturer depended but all ½" slim drives have the same size/measurement.
With a small screwdriver set and good eyes you should be able to replace your drive easily. :wink:

I agree. I have replaced mine to a Optiarc. It took me less than 3 minutes!