Inspiration for Gaming & Design lost. Need new RPGs to play

Well, As you can simply tell by the title, I used to be one who enjoys creating games. I liked how people would like my games. (I never had a true public release, only private releases). I would pick 10 random people every test session to try out my games. I was in the creation of an RPG that a friend and I were working on. We’ve been working on this RPG for quite some time and made it about 5% into it when she finally just randomly disappeared from me. I had to wipe my computer, So there was no retrieving the file, and she had the file. I then found her again on my messenger when she logs in, She’s at her mothers and her computer broke that had the file so they had to get that repaired.

Now I’m getting a little off topic by describing myself, so I will lead more into topic. After that incident I decided to start creation of a new RPG. The old one was a Multi-player RPG, And this one was a singleplayer RPG. It was very in-depth for how far I made it, (about 2%). I had one quest done and I was on a roll. Then I grew more and more tired of the same routine for creating a game. I tried taking some time by getting away from the computer (fishing, watching demolition derby’s, drag races, etc.) which I have to admit was fun, But that didn’t help me find any sort of inspiration.

I’ve finally decided to try a new method. Find an extraordinary RPG to play (Not MMORPG, RPG) and hopefully find the inspiration to create games. Find out how good something can be if I just work on it. How much people would enjoy it if I enjoyed it. Appearantly I thought I understood that. Appearantly I’m not enjoying it like I used to. So please, If you kind people would, (Pimp my ride!, hehe, Just a little humor) post an RPG that you think is good enough for the PC and the PC only. (With the exception of SNES games)

Now I posted a big wall of text so you guys don’t have to, hehe. (Not that you have to)


seems as if you just wrote the background story of your new game. :slight_smile:


My personal favorites (so i am biased!)

From absolutely awesome to slightly less awesome:

Planescape: The Torment (such a goooood story, quests and awesome stats change. This game is so fucking good i’d almost skip Brütal Legend if they would re-release PlaneScape on Xbox 360)

NeverWinter Nights I (amazing storyline and options, lots of moral choices)

Star Wars, Knights Of The Old Republic I (very well written)

Diablo II (well, not really an rpg, more action, but very nice)

Star Ocean PSP (nice storyline, nice method of xp’ing)

Eye Of The Beholder II (just a basic dungeon crawler with lots of options, very very stable game)

Eternal Sonata (stunning graphics, wacky storyline)

Blue Dragon (so big, so long, so well made)