Does anyone else have Insomnia???

Some nights I find that I just can’t sleep.

What about you, are you an insomniac?

hey bud…its late there…go to bed…

Just saw I,Robot

If I could I would, I can’t fall asleep

im a real night owl - sometimes im awake til 6-7am even if i had to go to work that day.

Sex before sleeping always works :wink:
Need to be tired ,

I do, however, seem to always wake up an hour before my alarm goes off, and can’t get back to sleep.
It’s an issue, as 6hrs sleep, I bounce off the walls. 5 hrs sleep & I’m more lethargic than a snail.

was it any good?

That’s an awesome movie.

I just finished watching Troy.

I had an awful period where I had constant insomnia. It got so bad I was on Ambien for over a year. Evil stuff, that. You really don’t want to be or end up on somnolence medication.

I find now that I don’t have any problems sleeping any more, thankfully. There are plenty of things you can do to help prevent insomnia. In no particular order:

  1. Good flow of fresh air into your room. Not so much as to make it too chilly, but it’s important to have some airflow happening. I’m extremely fortunate to have a large bedroom with two big windows. I’ve positioned my bed so that the air flows unobstructed through the windows, and draws the air from over my bed into the current… so I don’t feel much of a breeze but the air’s constantly circulating.

  2. If your computer is in your bedroom, switch the damn thing off when you go to bed. If you have to leave it on, move it out of your room. If you can’t do that, get a soundproof case. Nothing’s worse than the hum of cooling fans when you’re trying to sleep.

  3. No caffeine after 3pm. This was a tough one for me, I love my coffee… but it doesn’t take too long to get used to it. It makes a world of difference.

  4. No caffeine until 9am. Don’t stumble out of your room in the morning to make a coffee. I imposed this ban to make myself wake up better - and it really does work! I always wake up feeling fresh and full of energy now, bang on 6.30am every day.

  5. While we’re on the topic of drugs, if you take amphetamines or methamphetamines (speed, ecstasy, base, crystal meth) or any other stimulant for that matter, such as cocaine… well, what you do is your business but I found that cutting out amphetamines helped my sleep bigtime. Surprise surprise.

  6. Don’t eat too much cheese with dinner. Cheese is difficult to digest and can give you problems trying to get to sleep, or can give you nightmares/weird dreams.

  7. Avoid valerian and other “natural” sleep remedies… it only really works for some people, and can have its own set of not-so-good side effects.

  8. Some low-impact excercise in the early evening works wonders. A half-hour walk is all you need to do.

  9. Eat your meals regularly. Try to eat at around the same time each day. This regulates your metabolism and helps maintain your body clock.

There’s some food for thought for starters. All of these have helped me a lot.

Me allways have insomnia, I use a sleeping drug called meletonin, its on prescription here, but over the counter in the states.

One pill and you will be asleep in under 45 minutes.

Ben :slight_smile:

Any chemical induced sleep doesn’t work well.
The truth is that your brain rests, but part is still working repairing anything that’s gone wrong. Chemically turning your brain off disables everything…

Eventually your body will be the biological equivalent of Sydney (Australia’s) public rail system.

I had insomnia a few days before christmas, didnt sleep for 4 days… id be sitting there almost falling over at around 2pm… but didnt want to go to bed that early (I have to keep some form of routine) and by 10 or so id be wide awake again… and after that i didnt get tired for near 4 days, I wasnt eating either.

3 days of sleeping pills and daily excersise and some vodka has helped me since.

Good luck!

I do when im not with my B/F the first nite after we are apart i cannot sleep and when i do finally drop of i wake throughout and feel really tired the next day, when im with him thou i fall asleep easily!

I’ve never had sleeping problems…I just got the bed, give me 5 minutes and I’m sleeping. This method also works on other places, as cars/trains and so on :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha. Ha. Ha.

(so glad I don’t use public transport)

I have been an imsomniac before but not recently I have to say. Generall I either get up and do something physical to try and wear myself out completly or get up and watch tv or play some computer games.

Had wonderful dreams this night :wink:

But often I wake up during the night and when I do…I may be awake for an hour…then sleep a bit…and then wake up again…

There are two sleeping disorders…insomnia and another (know it in Dutch…not in English)…I have a bit of both :frowning:

Well, Tax, I think you also suffer from the third sleeping disorder, at the moment. I believe It’s called: In Love :bigsmile:

Couldn’t agree more :stuck_out_tongue:

Tax couldn’t it be…you stayed up all night ???

Well, I woke up about 5-6 times the night before the release of Halo 2, I really need to get a life. It wasn’t even that brilliant.