"Insomnia" or: I just cannot sleep! :(

damn, this really sucks…
i’m lying around, trying to sleep. i WANT to sleep. i NEED to sleep. i am really tired! but i cannot… now it’s 00:20 (or 12:20 am) here, i have to “get up” in 5 and a half hour - but it’s just too HOT outside and inside for me to be able to sleep… :Z
so, i do what i like doing instead: browsing CDF :wink:
who needs to be awake at work tomorrow… :wink:
yo, i’m tired… :sad:

well add me to your ICQ and i’ll sing ya to sleep with the Naked Thong Song! lol sorry to hear that hun just count the bouncing boobage…that should make ya sleepy in no time flat

damn, watching my own avatar makes me everything else than willing to sleep… :wink:

razor…get to bed!!!1

well I could show ya my boobies…but i’m chatting at the moment in the Naked with web cam only room.!!!

so my boobies are nakie…

yeah, i already were in bed several times yet - but without success…
my girlfriend is lying there in the bed, also, but she’s sleeping… why can’t i?!? :rolleyes:

oh shit, thinking about this is making me just the opposite of what i’m trying to get… :stuck_out_tongue:

instead of counting sheep…try boobies :slight_smile:

ok, i’ll give it a try:



ok, got it - finished. i did count 2 of them! but i don’t feel different than before. so, i guess, counting “known” boobies just does not work any more?!? :o

ask your gf for help…wake her up…:bigsmile:

i got one of them ceiling fans instaled it helps it aint air conditioning but its cheap and works

you don’t know her; she would definitely do nothing that could help me IF i’d wake her up…
but it might be funny if there would now be two ppl not being able to sleep (any more)… i’ll think about it… :slight_smile:

isn’t this a little noisy?
if not, where do i get one of these NOW? :bigsmile:

LMAO hehe :bigsmile:

so, i’ll give it another try. going offline now, shutting down my system and hoping to fall into a deep sleep. good night, everyone… :slight_smile:

nighty razor…good luck :slight_smile:

He WILL be back…and I’ll be waiting for him …hee hee

what a fuck… (sorry)
i did not sleep a single second last night! now i’ve got to go to work and it feels like i’m drunk. this is because i also did not sleep much the nights before - and i always had to think about

:stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :bigsmile:

If got one of those fans mike mentioned and it works perfectly. :iagree:
It’s 33degrees overhere and I’ve no problems sleeping (at least not because of the warmth :stuck_out_tongue: ).

yeh namoh, you are my neighbour from the netherlands. i’m sitting here in good old germany, not too far away from you :wink: its hot here, too; currently we’ve got 35 degree celsius in the sun - i’ll try to get one of these fans today :iagree: