Insignia Is-dvr1051

This recorder goes into STANDBY mode after recording one event from the timer list and will not come back on to record the next event.
How can I prevent the machine from going into STANDBY mode (or get it to power up for the next event)?

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As far as I’m aware of, pretty much all DVD recorders go into standby after the current timer finishes. However, when the next event comes up, it should automatically come on again at the start time. Some other things that come to mind include a timer conflict, a disc space issue or a fault in its firmware,

First, just make sure that the start time of the 2nd timer begins later than the original timer. Generally most DVD recorders (and VCRs) will prevent an overlap. Also, just in case it may be an issue recording straight after a finished timer, ensure there is at least a one minute gap between the 1st timer finish time and the 2nd timer start time.

Unlike a VCR, DVD recorders tend to be picky about making recordings that cannot fit on the available disc space. For example, if the disc has a 2 hour capacity in standard play mode and two timers of 1 hour 5 minutes are set up, there is a good chance the recorder will not start the 2nd timer. As a result, just ensure that the total time between the two timers does not add up to more than the available disc space. This test can be easily done by attempting to make two very short timers (such as five minutes each) to a blank DVD+RW disc.

The last thing that comes to mind would be a potential bug in the firmware in that it will not start a 2nd timer regardless of how much disc space is free. So far, I have not managed to find the manufacturer’s site, let alone a place to download updated firmware from (if available). :rolleyes:

A simple way to check if the standby issue is the problem would be to set up a test timer and put the recorder into standby prior to the timer and see if the recorder comes on. If it does, then it could be a combination of one or more of the above issues. :wink:

Hi, I have a problem to record some VHS cassette from VCR to my iS-DVR1051 DVD recorder, it stop after a few minutes and I got a message as RECORD PROHIBITED ,do you know why ?

The VHS cassette is my family vidéo.