Insignia (Best Buy) DVD Recorder/VHS Player $70.09

This is a hot buy folks, will disappear fast. Easy way to backup your VHS collection onto DVD. Pickup in store and save $12 or so shipping. You may also be able to use the 10% Best Buy coupon posted previously. Wouldn’t be bad at all for $63 + tax.

I have heard, but cannot verify that these are made by LG Electronics for BB.

All local stores already out here in San Diego.

On-line on backorder.

I am afraid this is going to turn out to be like the Cyberhome DVD recorder that is now in the trash can.

If anyone bought one please post a quick review after you try it out.


“Available at most stores” - but not in any zipcodes that I’ve tried. Wonder what their definition of “most” is…

I bought one yesterday. It says LG Electronics on the box and come’s with an LG DVD+RW blank disc. Will record in both Video and VideoVR mode. Records both ± formats. I dub a vhs tape to some cheap DVD+RW’s I bought a couple of years ago and they turned out great. With the DVD still in VR format CloneDVD2 was still able to copy and burn it to DVD+R. I used a 12% coupon and got it for $61. So far a great buy.

The reviews are bad for this recorder

You did very well on your purchance Rusty-USA. Most 3d party reviews have to be taken with a grain of salt. If you are happy with your purchase, then enjoy it. For 61.00USD I think its a great buy if the quality of the backups are up to your standards.

I tried to buy one today and the page online showed out of stock so I checked the in store availability and it showed that it was in stock at one of the stores in the area (The farthest one from me). It would not let me buy it on line and pick it up at the store. I went in the closest store to me to see if I could buy it from them and pick it up at the other store or have it sent to the their store for pick up. While I was in the store I noticed that they had them in stock. I went to customer service to get them to price match their website and they said no! “We don’t price match” (Best Buy doesn’t price match Best Asked to talk to the manager, which was a total waste of time. The guy was a real a** hole. The only answers he could give to my questions were “I don’t know.” I got pissed off and he said he was done talking to me and refused to sell me anything and to leave or he would have me thrown out of the store.
I called BB to find out why I couldn’t order it online since they had them it stock to pick up at the store. That was another runaround that I never got an answer to other than BB stores and had different policies.
I won’t ever step inside a BB again for anything at any price! Sure glad I bought into the “Reward Zone” program.

I recommended to a friend today when I saw it in BB store but the price was $159.99 as indicated in link provided by poster # 1, how you guys came with price tag of $63 I don’t know. Any how friend bought it for $159.99.

It was an online price mistake that they have since corrected. When you clicked on the 1st poster’s link it used to come up as 70.09. There was also a 10% off link where if you logged into your account first, then anything you added to your cart after that was automatically discounted by 10%. $70.09 -10% ($7.01) = $63.08.

Thanks for clarification.

I ordered it online while on backorder. Got email last night that item was shipped. This deal is now dead, by the way.

I tried to find reviews for this recorder but couldn’t find any. Do you have any links you can post? Thanks.

Friend of mine that bought this “Recorder” has strange problem with it, that is, recording on the air channel TV programs has no problem but when he tries to record any TV programs from any channel like (HBO, Cinemax, Encore) he get the warning that this program is copy protected and can not be recorded.

Has anyone faced this problem with unit?

I don’t have my unit yet, but I would not expect to be able to copy any pay channels or DVDs with protection (which is just about every one made) onto VHS. Some pre-recorded tapes also have protection and may not be able to be transferred to DVD, I have encountered this when trying to do a VHS to VHS copy, end up with the copy having all kinds of color problems.


Yeah, the screwed up colors would be the result of Macrovision copy protection.


Pay channels have a flag encoded in the broadcast that signals any permanent recording device (DVD-writers, etc) to not record, whereas you can with Tivo and the like, but the Tivo is ordered to only keep the recording for a week or so, and after that, it’s deleted.

It looks like a device called GoDVD by Sima can help with the protection problem:

There is a discussion about it on this thread:

You will have to look at the unit to see if you can put it between the VHS and DVD Recorder.

I don’t have this problem myself with Pioneer DVR RT500 I always record any programs for HBO , Encore, CineMaX. Cable Channels are the same as over the air channels recording the programs should make no difference between them.

I downloaded the manual befor trying to buy one and it said something about having CPRM which whould see the broadcast flag and limit what you were able to record, I trashed the manual when I didn’t get one so I don’t remember the exact wording. A lot of the drives in our computers have the same thing. See this link

Do you still have the link for downloading the manual for the recorder. Thanks