Insight into your love life


Yes, I stole this.

Open the nearest book and turn to page 206. Post the first sentence of that page and it is supposed to give you some commentary on your love life, or lack of it.

Nearest book to me is the novel I’ve been writing and re-writing for some time, as it is stored on my computer.

First sentence goes:

And so, once again, DeVaren was standing outside Healer Stenson’s house at an insanely early hour of the morning yelling insults at the good man.

The hurling insults part might have some relevance, I must admit. :bigsmile:


LOL, not convinced of the relevance, but I couldn’t not respond to this one! :bigsmile:

“Tom Finnemore I presume?” he asked, looking at April’s father.


You’re just more fine than you know Stephen.


“I have seen The Wizard of Oz,” said Lankowski. “I am, after all, an educated man. And . . . I have been in Kansas.”

(p206 of Shadow Puppets by Orson Scott Card)

Well, I have also seen The Wizard of Oz but haven’t been in Kansas. It’s not entirely clear to me, what this says about my love life, except that it’s mostly in the imagination?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Or you could work from the Kansas side of the quote. Its the dullest and flattest state in the US.


Orson Scott Card is a great author, I’ve read pretty much everything he has written. The Ender series is particularly awesome, and The Abyss, written in collabaration with James Cameron is one of my favourotes.

The nearest book to me is my Nook, so thousands of novels to choose from.

As for my love life, it’s pretty much Pamela and her five sisters. lol. Keeps things simple anyway. :confused:


The nearest book to me is an decades-old english spelling book for elementary school children. I doubt I’ll find any insight to my love life there.